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Artwork by C. Poulin



Help Us Have Thanksgiving And Christmas For 2003

My older sister is helping me do this as a surprise for my parents. I picked out the pictures!! My name is Kimberly and I am 12. Please help us have a good Thanksgiving and Christmas. My daddy was layed off his work. He is looking real hard for a job and mommy is too. We get unemplyment of $333.00 a week. By time our bills are paid, we have not much else. We have free internet from computer place he was laid off. We dont have cable tv anymore and we watched taped movies til vcr broke. I'm kind of used to regular chanels now. We don't make long distance calls. Mommy has had to shop Aldis and Dollar General and Dollar Tree for all our needs. We've had yardsales, but nothing much left to put out. We eat good stuff 2 weeks and other 2 are mainly rice and stuff I don't like. We don't eat out anymore and birthday presents this year have been stuff from The Dollar Tree. We didn't go on vacation either. My mommy went to the NC food bank place in our town a few times, but says since the hurricane Isabel, that other people in other towns need that food more now. We were lucky in our town! If you could help us have a good Thanksgiving meal and Christmas meal, we will be so happy! I don't want Dollar Tree toys for Christmas too, I was used to getting those before just because we were at the mall. I want atleast one Bratz Doll! Anything to do with Bratz Dolls!!! Mommy says when Daddy gets job we will have a Christmas celebration even if its after Christmas. I want to have Christmas at real Christmas time like the children at my school will. I also love to draw with artists kits and to read. My little sister who is 5 likes Tea Sets and play food. Her twin brother wants a hotwheel carset or any little car sets. I promise to send a Christmas card to thank you if you send your address.

A Donation Account Has Been Set Up By Clicking Below:

OR you can mail one of these items to help out:
a present of a toy, giftbasket, fruitbasket, treats, or catalog food order

OR you can mail one of these items to help out:
a Food Lion, WalMart Super Center, Harris Teeter, or Kroger grocery certificate or card


Kimberly Moore
502 Winoca Rd SW
Wilson, NC, 27893



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